Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday's Challenge!

Thursday's challenge went well actually. I forgot to talk in an accent almost every time it counted, but it did put me in the mind to write what I needed to and that's what counts! Today, I've challenge myself to put away the glorious distractions of Nancy Drew games and Barbie movies and actually get something done. Aside from the normal things like laundry and cleaning my room, my goal is to write at least three paragraphs of one story. Today I've chosen the story I mentioned Thursday with the character based on John Rolfe. I'm writing this story with my best friend and favorite author, Kiki, and she absolutely deserves another update! And so do you guys. I also thought it might be nice to share what I'm writing with you. So! Maybe I'll do that. =) We'll see. Until next time! *waves*

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday's Challenge

Today I've decided to challenge myself in several different ways. First, there is a page, floating around in my brain somewhere, that I haven't had the time to put on paper. So! I'm going to write that today at some point. The character in this piece of writing is a variation of Disney's take on John Rolfe from the second Pocahontas movie, set about ten years in the future. Our future, that is. Still, he's kept his very proper, old English way of thought and speech. To put myself in the mindset to write this character, I've challenged myself to speak, throughout the entire day, in my best British accent. Putting my mind to work in that way will hopefully inspire me to write a decent work. So then, I suppose there are two challenges. To speak entirely in an English accent, and to write the paper. Let's hope I can do this.

Tally Ho!! ;D