Sunday, April 22, 2012

Table Talk

My sister and I went to Applebee's the other day for lunch. While sitting there, enjoying our own meals, I couldn't help but over hear the conversation between two women sitting behind at the table my sister.

"What?" the younger lady gasped in utter shock. "It's a fruit? Since when??" 

The older woman, appearing to be the mother of the younger girl, shook her head and shrugged. "I don't know."

"Wow..." the daughter shook her head, still bewildered. "Stupid tomato."

Oh! The things some people say!! My sister and I certainly shared a good laugh. =) 

Until next time. Au revoir!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No More Terrible Tuesdays!

Oh my Gosh! Already April... I can't believe it. Easter is just around the corner and with everybody buzzing about our church choir program, concentrating on writing has been a little harder. On the plus side, though... WE GOT INTERNET BACK!!!! I am sooooooo glad it is back. You can not EVEN imagine! Having to do all my research on a cell phone screen is hard on the eyes. Can anyone say Major Headache! I am glad to have it back, though. It's been good to be able to actually work again without having to go down to my dad's office after hours to steal Cable. Haha!

Though to me it seems I haven't done much of anything new, in reality there is a lot I have done. I've just been unable to write about it. So here it is. A catch up on everything I've done in the last couple months.

First, I started a new story. inspiration hit me one evening after everyone else had gone to bed and I was up half the night writing it all down on paper. (Well, actually typing it on Word Processor. I write WAY to slow to keep up with my brain!) The story follows a young women who, after a near death experience as a little girl, is able to see the shadows of lost souls who died the same way she would have had they not saved her for a special purpose. The souls want free, but she can't do it alone. She tried to tell her parents, her teachers, her friends, and anyone else who would listen. Because of this openness about her gift her family thought her mentally unstable and placed her in an institution for examination, diagnosis, and hopefully, rehabilitation. The young woman will not rest, though. Or rather, the shadows will not let her rest. She begins to tell her stories to the other patients in the mental hospital, and one by one, each join her cause. Even at the risk of being caught by the nurses and staff that watch over them nearly every second.

Well, it seemed like an interesting story to me. As excited as I am to write it, I hope others will be as equally excited to read it. It's my first horror mystery novel so I'm really hoping it turns out well!

In other news, I've been working steadily on my co-written projects, but the Conflict story is starting to suffer from a lack of inspiration. I fear that in waiting so long to start writing it again I lost focus of what the story was about. The excitement and the thrill of one's first year of college turning into an adventure he'd never expected... I've lost the inspiration to be thrilling and excited for this story... I need to find it again somehow!!!

Tuesday used to be the best day in the world! But this Tuesday is turning out to be just like any other regular day. Nothing special. So I'm to fix that. First, I'm going to be trying to write something really great for tomorrow, Wednesday, which is anti-procrastination day! So...Go Me! Haha. But in a more public way, I think today I will spend the rest of the day speaking in a British accent!! We'll see how many people I can fool, huh?


-in a British accent- Well, I know I've done more than all that, but there's the gist of the big stuff. And I'll be better about writing every day now I promise! Don't tell me it's easy because it's not! There are so many distractions, like my novels and music and the telly! I've just discovered the BBC show Merlin and am positively Hooked!!

Sooo....we'll see about those updates.

Until next time then. Cheerio!