Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fifteen Minute February!

FlyLady has taught me so much. In the few weeks that I've been following her program she's not only showed me my own ability to keep a tidy home but the potential of even the smallest things. Writing a book, just like any big project, can seem daunting at first, and as the progress slows the confidence the author has in himself may begin to decline. Negative thoughts can start popping up. Will I ever finish this? Will anyone even read this? Is spending so much time on this project really worth it? It can get overwhelming, fast.

Thank God for Flylady and her rule of fifteen minutes. One of her famous quotes is: "You can do anything in 15 minutes." It's true. Not only does it help with keeping your sanity while cleaning and organizing, I've also started applying it to my writing. Just sit down, set my timer, and for fifteen minutes do nothing but focus on my books. It's been so helpful! I've finally started seeing some progress!

So Thank you, Flylady! For once I'm not stressing over this project. It feels great!

I recommend everyone go visit her right now! Give her fifteen minutes of your time. She's an amazing woman and a great help to anyone who's a little scatter brained when it comes to keeping things organized, whether it's your house or your car or your desk or even yourself! She's amazing. Check her out here!

Until next time!

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  1. I don't know if even the Flylady can help me now! lol